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Paradyme Consulting isn't like any other consultancy you've ever seen. We're on a mission to change the face of mental health, through awareness, training and coaching.

Together, we can save lives.

The Mental Health Crisis

Mental health in the UK is at crisis point. It may sound sensationalist but it’s true. The single most impacted area of our society is in the work place at all levels. With workloads and stress levels high, staffing levels low and people not feeling empowered to talk about their struggles, it’s a boiling pot for mental health issues.

We believe this needs to change. We’re on a mission to make mental fitness as normal as physical fitness. We want people to feel supported, to feel comfortable to say something before it becomes overwhelming and to be able to get the support they need and deserve.

Our mission is simple, to educate and empower everyone at all levels in the workplace to understand mental health, recognise the signs & symptoms, be able to help others and more importantly, to help themselves.

Mental Health in Numbers

1 %

Of people will suffer mental health issues during their lives

1 %

Year on year increase of days off taken due to mental health reasons

£ 1 Bn

The cost to UK busines due to mental health issues

Understand yourself

Learn what mental illness really looks like. We all go through tough times; understand the signs & symptoms and how to look after your own mental well-being.

Understand others

Understand why someone might be behaving in a certain way. What to do when they need help and how you can help them.


Too many lives are lost due to mental health. Understand why this is, how you can have a very real impact and what to do in a crisis.

Corporate Mental Health Training

We specialize in offering accreddited mental health awareness training in the business world. Whether you have 5 or 5000 staff members. By delivering specialist training and creating a culture of openness, we can help improve the mental health of staff with the miriad of benefits that brings.

Look after your business by looking after your staff.

Have you ever felt lost for words if someone has told you they’re suffering with their mental health? Don’t worry, it’s happened to many of us, But together we can change that.

Having experienced mental illness first hand, this gives us a unique and valuable insight into how to support others.

Our Services

At Paradyme Consulting we combine Offqual accreddited mental health first aid training, accredited coaching, therapeutic tools and a wealth of experience to deliver the right solution to you and your business. 

Mental wellbeing policy development

We will work with you to develop a MH and wellness policy that works for your particular workforce and business needs, to improve presenteeism and performance at all levels

Mental health first aid training

Learn the practical skills and methods of dealing with mental health.issues. You’ll be equipped to deal with everything from workplace stress to a full blown crisis.

Private coaching & mentoring

Ready to transfrom your life to the next level? Speak to us about our bespoke coaching packages to help you be the best possible version of yourself.

Supporting others

We believe in not only helping individuals care for their own mental wellness but also in being equipped and prepared to support others in their time of need.
What would you do if someone tells you that want to end their life? We can equip you with the right tools to deal with this.

Let's start saving lives!