About Us

Paradyme consulting are on a mission to save lives. We want to create a huge paradigm shift in how mental health is viewed.

Pete White - Director

Pete has been to the bottom of the barrel, after years of suffering from mental health issues while in full time work, he understands what it's like to be in that dark place, recognise the work place triggers and how employers can create a supportive and healthy culture.

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At Paradyme everything we do is driven by our 4 core values. These form the foundation of what we do.


Respect – We believe that everyone, at all levels, deserves the same amount of respect. Nobody is any better or any worse than anyone else.

Integrity – We practice what we preach. Eveything we do is true to our values and our mission. We are always open and honest in everything we do.

Support – Providing support is what we do. Having the right support can be the differerence between life and death and we know first hand just how valuable having support is.

Empathy – Providing an understanding, compassionate and open environment for you to explore, learn and grow is crucial to us.

Our Story

Paradyme was born out of personal experience and a goal I share with others to change the face of mental well being in the work place. I have suffered from mental health issues and have witnessed first hand the devestating effects it can have on life. I’ve have been to the very bottom, suffered the indignity and injustice of discirimination, lack of understanding and managed to claw my way up and turn my life around. I realised that I could help others do the same thing by using coaching and training to provide the support they deserve.

With almost a decade of military service and extensive experience in the corporate world, I have valuable and unique experiences and skills that can be used to get our powerful message across to help others. I have learned first hand just how tough the world can be, but also with the right support and guidance just how brilliant life is.  I believe that everyone, regardless of their background, position or finances, deserves to get the support and kindness needed when life’s challanges show up.