Take control and change your life

One-on-one coaching forms the bedrock of what we do at Paradyme.

Life coaching is the art of helping a person get from where they are to, where they want to be. Whether that’s in their career, relationships, health, finances or any other area of life. Our fully qualified and accredited coaches will work with you to help you discover what really makes you tick, what your own personal vision of success looks like and then helps you achieve it.

Coaching can also be hugely complementary to therapeutic care with mental health issues. We help you understand what’s going on in your life, take control of your situation and equip you with the tools that helps with recovery and onwards.

All our coaching is completely confidential, 1-1 and non-advisory meaning that we don’t tell you what to do, we help you work out what’s best for you.

What is coaching?

Hi, Pete here!

As the coaching director of Paradyme Consulting I figured I would be
the best person to explain what coaching is and why your business could benefit
from it. All of our coaching is person centred, this means that everyone is
different and has their own story. We will never approach two clients in the
same way. We will focus the clients values, beliefs and what’s important to
them. It also means that our coaches will never tell the client what’s right
for them, but we will help them discover what’s right for them.

Whether you coach with myself or one of our experienced coaches you will receive
the best possible bespoke service at every level, whether it be with company
executives or an apprentice, we treat everyone as an individual and help them overcome
whatever is holding them back to achieve the best for themselves and for the


Working with one of our coaches will improve:

– Self Esteem
– Motivation
– Productivity
– Happiness
– Stress management
– Inter-personal skills
– Understanding of individual mental health issues
– Confidence
– Get clarity on goals
– So much more!