Get trained to deal with Mental Health like a pro

At Paradyme Consulting our trainers are certified to deliver accredited mental health training on behalf of the First Aid Awards. That’s nothing special, lots of people are. However, nobody does it quite like us.

We employ real world examples & role play so you can practice and hone your new skills. All of our training is accredited and assessed and followed up by with coaching, consulting and refresher training.

We have first-hand experience of mental health, both with our own personal pasts and with friends, family and colleagues. Some of us have even directly saved the lives of people in crisis so you can be rest assured that you’re getting the most effective, real world training possible.


Take a look at our courses below.

Mental health awareness

Ideal for: Staff at all levels
Length: 4 hours

Our awareness course forms the foundation of our training packages. It gives essential funamental knowledge on how to recognise the signs and symptons of mental health issues, why people develop MH issues and how to provide critical basic advice & support for someone who is struggling. This course addresses the stigma around mental health and fosters and open and supportive environment in the workplace.

First Aid for Mental Health

Ideal for: Staff at all levels
Length: One day

This course is for those unique individuals who people look to for support. It can be anyone in the company. Having a MH first aider is just as important to having a physical first aider. These are the people who will be able to support someone who is having a rough time or even if they’re in full blown crisis.

You need these people in your team.

Supervising First Aid for Mental Health

Ideal for: Execs, line Managers & HR personnel
Length: Two days

This 2 day course is aimed at all company executives, line managers and HR representatives. It will give them the skills to identify when someone is struggling with their health, give them the confidence to speak to them and the knowledge to offer them support whilst also supporting the mental health first aiders in the company. We recommend all management and HR reps take this course because chances are, you will come across a staff member suffering during your career.

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